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FCS Race Regulations
Rotary Cycling World Championship by
RC- Mayenne (F)
Art. 1 The race is only open to active members of Rotary International or Rotaract who are member of the Fellowship Cycling to Serve. They may not have, however, a licence of any organisation affiliated to the UCB, as a professional.
Art. 2 The competitors should have an acceptable bicycle for racing and wear appropriate cycle clothing.
Art. 3 The entry fee of € 50,00 per competitor is to be paid before the race.
Art. 4 The races are subdivided according to age-categories:
1° category : +65 years
born before 01/01/44
2° category : 55 tot 65 years
born between 01/01/4 4 & 31/12/53
3° category : 45 tot 55 years
born between 01/01/5 4 & 31/12/63
4° category : -45 years
born after 01/01/64
Art. 5 There will be a mass start in each category. Competitors are racing as individuals. Helping fellow competitors is prohibited.
Art. 6 The race will be under the control of the race-director, appointed by the Rotary Club Mayenne (F) . The race-director's decision is final.
Art. 7 Lapped competitors may be asked to leave the race, if considered necessary by the race-director.
Art. 8 The competitors must present themselves at the check-in at least one hour before the start of the race, with their identity papers and Rotary membership card.
Art. 9 At least 80% of the entry fee surplus will be distributed as prizes between the Charity Funds of the Clubs whose members have finished in the first five of their race. The total amount available for prizes will be equally distributed over the four official racing categories. Per category, the portions will be as follows:
1ste 30% 3de 20% 5de 10%
2de 25% 4de 15%    

The amounts will be deposited to the charity fund of the club during the World Championship weekend.
Art. 10 An approved Safety -helmet is obligatory.
Art. 11 Numbers must be pinned on the left-hand hip.
Art. 12 The event insurance covers only the statutory obligation with reference to public liability.
Art. 13 Clubs and supporters are free to donate prizes.
Approved by FCS Board 2000
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